Eyewear in Altoona, PA


We offer great optical products at Barrett Vision Center, but it's really all about customer service. We have patient-friendly policies and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Come in and experience optical service as it should be.

We have skilled opticians to assist you in selecting the pair of eyeglasses that will work best for your lifestyle. Visit the office and browse over the wide selection of frames and sunglasses that we carry. Not only do we sell quality basic frames for every budget, but we also carry some of the designer lines at affordable prices.

Contact Lenses

We often are one of the first to receive the latest in Contact Lenses! We also offer only the best in contact lens technology to provide you with optimal vision, comfort and health.

We have contacts available to target specific eye problems like dry eyes, astigmatism, difficulty reading, and eye diseases like keratoconus. We are focused on taking the time to give you the best comfort and vision, not just adequate comfort and vision. Contact lenses are constantly being improved for more comfort and better vision.

Our contact lens prices are very reasonable, and are usually lower than the major online suppliers.