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Do you wear prescription sunglasses?

If you wear prescription Glasses, one of the things I'm sure you'd like this summer is a pair of prescription sunglasses. But have you seen how expensive they are at most places? Dr. Snyder and Barrett Vision Center want to make sure you get those prescription sunglasses and that's why we're now offering 50% off ALL prescription sunglasses...that's half off ALL prescription sunglasses including transition lenses! Those are the ones that lighten and darken automatically with the level of light. Our onsite Optician is Dave O'Droneic, and he's someone you can trust with 30 years' experience.

Half off all prescription sunglasses including transition lenses and your insurance may even cover the cost, all you have to do is ask! Don't buy your glasses online or at some department big box store! Get them from someone you trust, Dave Odroneic and Dr. Snyder at Barrett Vision center. We're conveniently located on the corner of 6th Avenue and 26th Street.

Our Practice

When Dr. Snyder opened his practice in 1976, he realized that the relationship between the patient and their doctor is the most important part of providing superior eye care.

As the practice has grown, this focus on patient care has never been forgotten.

For over thirty years, our focus, first and foremost, has been on patient care - listening, understanding, and then helping to solve your eye problems. Today more than ever, technology plays a vital role in the treatment of eye disease, but we believe it must go hand in hand with close communication with you.

At Barrett Vision Center our doctors and staff are focused on providing superior eye care. We remain "results oriented" and not "volume oriented". We go the extra mile to make sure our patients are happy with their vision and our service.

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Our Experience:

We have almost forty years of experience in providing routine eye care, fitting
contact lenses and diagnosing and treating eye disease.

Our Patient Care:

When it comes to the care of your eyes, you want the best. At Barrett Vision Center our number one concern is for our patients. We are committed to providing you first class eye care with ... Read more

Our Technology:

Our offices are equipped with the latest in technology to provide a wide array of services, such as specialized diagnostic equipment for diagnosing and treating glaucoma as well as diagnosing ... Read more